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About  the Organization

Established in 2008, WaterLinks is a fully independent, non-profit organization that facilitates Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) in the Asia-Pacific region and catalyzes efficiency improvements to enhance and expand access to urban water and sanitation services. It is registered as a non-government organization with the Securities and Exchange Commission and is based in Manila, Philippines

WaterLinks’ principal activities are:

• WOPs support and facilitation;
• Regional capacity building program development (e.g. training, toolkits, manuals, studies); and
• Knowledge management, and networking.

WaterLinks welcomes and taps support from various sources, including private corporations, and international donor agencies. WaterLinks ensures that funds go directly to facilitate partnerships and support capacity building and knowledge management activities. Currently, the Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Global WOPs Alliance of UN-Habitat, and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) provide foundational support to WaterLinks.

It also works with regional partners on knowledge sharing, training, and networking activities that strengthen regional platforms and identify opportunities for new WOPs. Partner networks include the Indonesian Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI), Philippine Association of Water Districts (PAWD), Indian Water Works Association (IWWA), Southeast Asia Water Utility Network (SEAWUN), and various water and wastewater operators across Asia. WaterLinks looks forward to collaborating with other partners interested in promoting and supporting WOPs in the Asia-Pacific region to enable improved and expanded access to safe water supply and sustainable sanitation.

WaterLinks newest area of focus is Climate Change. Water services throughout Asia are already being impacted negatively by climate change, and it is key for water service providers to adapt urgently to systems and processes that are climate resilient. As part of its support, WaterLinks:

  • Helps participants understand what climate change impacts mean in terms of water as a key driver of social and economic development

  • Allows participants to assess the response options available to water operators including technologies, processes, and costs

  • Assists water operators in developing their own decision models for addressing climate-change impacts

  • Facilitates partnerships with more than 250 water utilities, global technology leaders, and senior water professionals

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