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Applying Digital Technology for Asia’s Sanitation Management

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Digital Applications to Reduce Commercial Water Losses

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HISTORY - Established in 2008, WaterLinks is a fully independent, non-profit organization that facilitates Water Operator Partnerships (WOPs) in the Asia-Pacific region and catalyzes efficiency improvements to enhance and expand access to urban water and sanitation services.

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CORE ACTIVITIES -  The core premise of WaterLinks is to assist urban water and sanitation service providers in the Asia-Pacific region to better deliver safe water and basic sanitation services, especially to underserved communities.  << Read More>>

ANNUAL FORUM - is a two-day congregation of operators, utilities, policymakers, thought-leaders, tech providers, and stakeholders from the urban water, sanitation and wastewater sectors principally from across Asia and the Pacific. It is a venue for generating practical solutions, cultivating innovations, and inspiring synergies to address present and future challenges in Asia’s water operations – particularly challenges stemming from climate risks and uncertainties.   << Read More>>


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