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The Philippines Joins the world in celebrating World Water Day this year's theme is "Water& Wastewater".

World Water Day (WWD) is celebrated worldwide on March 22 of every year to remind the world of the importance of fresh water to mankind and to advocate sustainable management of fresh water resources. This year’s theme is “Water and Wastewater” highlighting the need to also focus on wastewater management.


In the Philippines, the  celebration of World Water Day started in 1996. Then President Fidel V. Ramos issued Administrative Order No. 258 enjoining instrumentalities of the government to join the global observance of World Water Day on 22 March in every year thereafter.


Various activities were undertaken by the members of the Philippine Water Partnership (PWP) including: a  photo exhibit at Market Market organised by Manila Water and the River Basin Control Office of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (RBCO-DENR); the conduct of a forum on wastewater management for university students;  and a learning visit to a wastewater treatment facility at Makativille, a relocation site in Calauan, Laguna. Manila Water also held its annual Lakbayan for interested participants; this year the visit showcased their wastewater treatment plants. Maynilad Water also raised awareness on watershed protection by indigenous people,  by hosting a sungka (a local board game) competition which featured the  sungkaans made by the Dumagats, an indigenous people in the Ipo watershed area.


The 2017 World Water Awards organized by the National Water Resources Board ( NWRB) and Maynilad was also held during the week-long celebration to give due recognition to persons and organizations who have rendered exemplary work towards water conservation and related efforts.


At the local levels, activities such as river clean ups, tree planting, information dissemination, and river tours were  conducted by different government and non-government entities in observance of  2017 WWD celebration. 

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