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WaterLinks to Help Build Capacities of Water Engineers from Tamil Nadu, India

WaterLinks has recently entered into a memorandum of understanding with the Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company Ltd. (TWIC), based in Chennai, India to help build the capacity of engineers and officials from municipalities in Tamil Nadu specifically in the water supply and wastewater management areas.

The government of Tamil Nadu has received funding from the Government of India intended to carry out the 2023 vision of local governments of providing universal access to water and sanitation to its population of 79 million. The training program, developed by TWIC (for the India component) and WaterLinks (for the Philippines component), will benefit over 150 engineers from Tamil Nadu on best practices in water supply and wastewater management including non-revenue water reduction, asset management, and septage management.

WaterLinks has tapped Maynilad Water Academy to conduct a two-day seminar on NRW management; the engineers will also be addressed by experienced water professionals in the industry and from the Asian Development. Site visits have also been organized to enable the engineers to see and learn from good practices in water and wastewater management in Metro Manila.

The first training session is scheduled from 16-19 April 2018. A total of 30 engineers/officials from Tamil Nadu will participate. 

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