WaterLinks Participated in the 5th Regional and National WOP Platforms Workshop

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The 5th Regional and National WOP Platforms workshop were conducted on 28 February 2019 at the Ministerio de Fomento in Madrid, Spain as a back-to-back activity with the 11th GWOPA Steering committee meeting. Workshop participants were composed of representatives from regional platforms as well as a national platform across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean. WaterLinks was represented by Ms. Yoly Gomez.


The workshop was intended to present and discuss the implementation of the new GWOPA Strategy, making the best use of available tools and guidance materials developed by GWOPA e.g. WOP Planning Tool and the WOP Monitoring tool which will be used in the implementation of new WOPs by AfWa and WaterLinks in 2019 with funding from OFID.

Regional and national platforms reported on their accomplishments for CY 2018 focusing on WOP implementation and non-WOPs projects and activities, it was noted that WOPs activities in 2018 were mostly on NRW management, FSM, and wastewater management.

The workshop also underscored the importance of developing joint proposals to donors by GWOPA and partner platforms as an effective fund sourcing strategy.


In conclusion, the regional and national platforms once again agreed to proactively work together and share data and information on a regular basis to enrich each other’s work in the implementation of WOPs under the new GWOPA Strategy.