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WaterLinks’s Executive Director Mai Flor, accompanied by Yoly Gomez, attended the first Innovation Pop-Up activity organized in Manila on 29 March 2019 by the Partnership for Water Solutions, Inc., and co-presented by the Development Bank of the Philippines and Tobon Engineering, USA.

There were two presentations that stimulated discussion. One was by former DENR Secretary Elisea Gozun. She discussed possible policy recommendations for improved management of the water sector particularly in the background of the recent water crisis in Metro Manila. Much of the discussion centered on the need for legislative reform including, especially, the creation of an apex body in the shape of a Department of Water. A second presentation was made by Mr. Maurice Tobon of Tobon Engineering, USA,  who discussed technological approaches in water and sanitation that have been employed in his home state of Florida.

The event was participated in by 25 persons from the water and sanitation industry including water utilities, the legislature, and industry practitioners. It was a useful forum for brainstorming current water-related issues in the Philippines, and to help crystallize thinking in key reform areas.


WaterLinks At the Innovation Pop-Up Event, Manila

March 29, 2019

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