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WaterConnect is a partnership among WaterLinks, Laguna Water,, two micro-finance institutions (Philippine Ventures Inc. and ASA Philippines) that enables hard-to-reach urban-poor households to connect to piped water supply services through a combination of community organization, technical advice, and financing services. 


The project aims to connect at least 1,500 urban poor households to Laguna Water’s network by 30 September 2017. To date, over 500 households have signed up for the project. 


The project was officially launched at Laguna Water on 30 March 2017. All partners as well as 50 beneficiaries from the project attended. The beneficiaries lauded the project as a life-changing experience as it will enable them to reach their dream of having piped water supply into their homes thus ensuring safe and potable water for their community. aims to replicate this partnership arrangement in various parts of the Philippines in the near future. 

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