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They’re Back!! NRW Training for Tamil Nadu Water Engineers


WaterLinks continued to deliver on its commitment to provide introductory training to 180 water supply engineers from the state of Tamil Nadu in India. A fourth batch of 28 trainee officers from various municipalities in the State participated in a four-day program on Non-Revenue Water (NRW)  from 24-27 September 2019. Maynilad Water Services, Inc. served as principal faculty for the program.


The program comprised technical lectures focused on physical and commercial loss management, DMA design and implementation, and the use of information technology to monitor and manage  leak detection and repair such as Netbase, and SCADA.  A physical demonstration of various leak detection equipment at work was made, as well visits to departments concerned in Maynilad e.g. Warehouse, Integrated Meter Management, SCADA at the Central Control Monitoring Department. Participants also visited a sample DMA set up to help them understand how it is being managed.


The participants visited Laguna Water in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, about an hour and a half away from Metro Manila. LW, a subsidiary of Manila Water Corporation, has achieved considerable success in providing efficient and affordable water and sanitation services to its customers in a short time span (see Discussions were held around the key result areas and the basic instruments used by LW to meet its service standards and objectives. The participants also visited the Laguna Well Field; this field, with a capacity of 100 MLD, is the largest in the Philippines.

Urban Tamil Nadu is currently in the grip of a water crisis. Its capital city, Chennai, is often known as the new Cape Town – it almost ran out of water 4 months ago; its bare minimum needs are now being met by intermittent piped supply and tankered water services. Water losses are difficult to measure given the intermittent nature of service but are conservatively estimated to be around 50%.


See Article here

WaterLinks is committed to train 3 further batches of water engineers from Tamil Nadu in terms of a Memorandum of Understanding signed between WaterLinks  and  the Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company Ltd. Aimed at building the capacities of engineers and officials from various urban centers across Tamil Nadu specifically in NRW management.

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