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  • Arjun Thapan

Water Security - Looking Beyond Asia

Those of us who live in the world’s most populous continent, Asia, often tend to lose sight of how others on the planet are faring in terms of their water security. We bring you the following notes from Africa, Canada, and Jordan to give you a sample perspective of the issues they face.

Africa, as the title of the piece suggests, sees scarcity amidst abundance. The problems are not atypical. Growing population, high demand, low efficiencies of use across the board, low levels of service provision, waste, and lack of resilience to climate change are all responsible for putting large swathes of Africa on the critical path to absolute water scarcity.

Jordan has very little by way of freshwater endowments but unlike Israel that is similarly placed but does a model job of water management, it is beset with problems of high (and inefficient) agricultural water use, a steady influx of migrants that adds to population pressures, and the negative impacts of climate change.

Canada, in contrast, is very different. It has an abundance of freshwater resources that it is able to access without difficulty. However, it is learning lessons from the global crisis and has taken steps to curb water use, and use recycled water in critical agricultural areas.

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