• Arjun Thapan

The Path Smart Water Infrastructure in US Cities - A Webinar

Water Around ​the World - ​Local Problems. ​Global ​Solutions. is a ​new event ​series in 2021 ​that highlights ​water-related ​problems across ​the US, and the ​innovative ​solutions that ​may be ​available ​elsewhere ​around the ​world. This ​event was ​coordinated in ​partnership ​with the ​Consulate ​General of ​Israel to the ​Midwest and AH ​Water ​Consulting, and ​addressed the ​technical ​challenges that ​US municipalities ​face when ​trying to ​adjust their ​water ​infrastructure ​to implement ​smart and ​sustainable ​technology. ​Four Israeli ​innovators ​discussed their ​infrastructure ​solutions and ​the success ​they've had ​to date. ​

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