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  • Arjun Thapan

Climate Change and Asia’s Urban Centers 6th IPCC Assessment Report

The latest assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reinforces earlier assessments on the degree and intensity of climate change. The impact on Asia’s cities will be marked, and seriously adverse. Here’s a succinct paragraph from Chapter 10 of the report. We should note that Asia’s water utilities have barely begun to understand what climate change in their service areas means, the manner and extent to which it will impact their services, and what should be done to become climate resilient quickly. Unless their game changes overnight, Asia’s urban centers will face severe headwinds. Economic outputs are guaranteed to be negatively impacted. See attached chapters selectively extracted from the main report - on Asia, Cities, and Water.

“Asia is home to the largest share of people living in informal settlements, with 332 million in Eastern and Southeastern Asia, 197 million in Central and Southern Asia. By 2050, 64% of Asia’s population will be urban. Coastal cities, especially in South and Southeast Asia are expected to see significant increase in average annual economic losses between 2005 and 2050 due to flooding, with very high losses in East Asian cities under high emission scenario (high confidence). Climate change will amplify the urban heat island effect across Asian cities (especially South and East Asia) at 1.5 degrees Celsius and 2 degree Celsius temperature rise., both substantially larger than under the present climate (medium evidence, high agreement). Under high emission scenario, higher risks from extreme temperature and precipitation are projected for almost all cities (medium confidence), with impacts on freshwater availability, regional food security, human health, and industrial outputs.

Download file below:

IPCC Water Chapter04
Download PDF • 29.38MB

IPCC Cities Chapter06
Download PDF • 4.93MB

IPCC Asia Chapter10
Download PDF • 18.36MB

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