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An urgent review of EU water policy is required

The summer of 2022 is likely to go down as being one of the worst in the history of modern Europe. Almost the entire continent, stretching practically all the way from the UK to Ukraine, has experienced the worst drought in more than 500 years.

There has been scarcely any rainfall for months, from the winter through spring and summer, and this has caused many once-mighty rivers to dry up.

In the UK, the Thames has dried up at source. Parts of the Loire in France can now be crossed on foot. The Po in Italy has fallen to such low levels that sea water is rushing in. And in some places, even the Rhine can be waded through.

Germany’s Federal Institute of Hydrology has said the level of the Rhine will continue to fall for at least another week. The flow of the Po has dropped to barely 10 percent of normal and its overall water level is 2 meters lower than normal.

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