Non-revenue water (NRW) continues to be the bane of Asia’s urban water utilities. Levels ranging from 30-70% are common. Millions of litres of expensively treated water are lost. And that too in an era when climate change, rapid urbanization, and industrial growth are creating water scarcities that are hard to manage. Manila’s recent water crisis is the latest episode in a long line of operational weaknesses stemming from factors that include NRW among the top 3.

WaterLinks has designed and conducted scores of training programs for utility staff and managers in the elements of NRW management, mostly in partnership with highly experienced utilities. Now, for the first time, WaterLinks will partner with Xylem Inc. to offer training programs in sustainable NRW management for Asia-Pacific water utilities.


Xylem is one of the world’s leading advanced water analytics companies that provides engineered solutions to utilities and water-related commercial and industrial enterprises. Technological innovations are at the heart of its business model, and it offers several cutting edge solutions to managing water loss. It has a global footprint in 150 countries and will bring its wide experience to the training arena.


A joint memorandum signed on 28 March 2019 will allow the partnership to help build the capacities of water utilities in NRW management across the Asia-Pacific region. An initial set of two basic introductory courses is planned for utilities in Indonesia and the Philippines. An advanced course for water utilities in the Philippines will be offered later in 2019. The training will be a combination of lectures, hands-on learning, technology demonstration, product presentation on smart water analytics, leak detection repair, and leak prevention.

WaterLinks and Xylem look forward to breaking new ground in solving one of urban Asia’s most serious water challenges!