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Mr. Arijanto (Arie) Istandar

Board of Director

  • Mr. Arie Istandar is a Senior Infrastructure Technical Advisor at AECOM International Development, currently based in Arlington, Virginia, USA. He is a Civil and Water Resources Engineer specializing in urban water services reform and infrastructure improvements. Over the past 18 years, Arie has managed various urban environment/governance projects in Southeast Asia that supported establishment of national/local policy frameworks for urban water and environmental services, built capacities of local governments to develop and implement local regulations, promoted green urban infrastructure, and helped improve operational efficiencies of urban water services provision. Arie previously served as a Water and Sanitation Specialist at The World Bank Water and Sanitation Program and Project Manager for USAID’s US-Asia Environment Partnership in Indonesia, and as Water and Sanitation Team Leader for USAID’s regional Environmental Cooperation – Asia (ECO-Asia) project and COP for USAID’s WaterLinks Alliance project out of Thailand. In ECO-Asia and WaterLinks Alliance projects, he has managed multiple twinning partnerships between water services providers throughout Asia and contributed to the development of WaterLinks as an entity. 

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