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Joint diagnosis mission WaterLinks-GWOPA/ WOP Battambang

WaterLinks has commenced a new WOP between Battambang Water Authority (BWA, Cambodia) and Yarra Valley Water (YVW, Melbourne, Australia) to strengthen asset management in general, and meter management specifically. The WOP is supported by GWOPA, Barcelona. An initial mission comprising Mai Flor, ED, WaterLinks; Yolanda Gomez, Partnership Coordinator, WaterLinks; Anne Bousquet, GWOPA, Barcelona; Lisa Brown, NRW Engineer, YVW; and Andrew Nyholm, Water Planning Engineer, YVW visited Phnom Penh and Battambang from 7-14 July 2017. The mission was joined by staff of Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority which is a co-mentor in the WOP. Training for BWA staff in these two critical operational areas will be provided by the two co-mentors in Phnom Penh in the next phase of the WOP. In Phnom Penh, the mission met with H.E. Ek Sonn Chan, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Industry and Handicrafts, who oversees all urban water infrastructure and operations countrywide. He provided valuable inputs in the design of the WOP based on his long experience in the sector, and as the legendary General Director of PPWSA for almost two decades.

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