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Manila, Philippines    |    Aug. 11-13, 2014

The WaterLinks Forum 2014 in Manila, Philippines, gathered over 200 participants from Asia, Africa, Australia, and the United States from Aug. 11 to 13 to demonstrate how partnerships between urban water services providers, coupled with innovation and private sector support, can help address key issues such as urban water insecurity and climate change adaptation.

Reed Aeschliman, Deputy Mission Director of USAID Philippines, and Amy Leung, Chair of the Community of Practice (Water) at ADB opened the Forum. Both underscored the importance of the international community’s commitment to solving the water crisis. In his keynote address, Arjun Thapan, Chairman of WaterLinks, the issues of water scarcity, water quality, the need to create new water, and the challenge for the water sector to be climate change resilient in the context of the economic water scarcity crisis in Asia.

Secretary Rogelio Singson, of the Department of Public Works and Highways, delivered the second keynote address, where he stressed the need for public-private partnerships in coming up with innovative projects to address the problems of the country in the water sector. He also opened the WaterLinks Exhibit, which included companies such as Manila Water, consulting firms such as Arup and Miya, technology providers like Xylem, Pure and AVK, among others.

The two-day Forum covered topics like NRW Management, Reusing and Managing Wastewater, Climate Change Adaptation Programs in Action, and the Economics of Water Quality Management. The speakers were experts from all over Asia, the United States and Australia. WaterLinks also led the discussion on the range and scale of impact of water operator partnerships in increasing operational efficiencies of recipients.

A memorandum of understanding signed at the Forum by USAID; WaterLinks; Miya Philippines, Inc.; Borouge Pte. Ltd.; and the Indonesian Water Supply Association (PERPAMSI) committed to help improve urban water supply and sanitation of at least 220,000 people in Asia. At the end of the Forum was a networking session between potential mentors and recipient water operators, which was attended by the Forum speakers and delegates.

Check this link for copies of the presentations: 

Welcome Address by Amy Leung, Chair, Community of Practice (Water), Asian Development Bank: welcome address

Keynote Address by Arjun Thapan, Chairman, WaterLinks: keynote address


Day 1 Documentation:

Day 2 Documentation:

WaterLinks Forum 2014 tackles urban water scarcity issues and climate change adaptation in the water sector

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