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Dorai Narayana

Board of Director

  • DORAI NARAYANA has a Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering from IIT Madras, India and a Graduate Certificate in Engineering (Environmental Management) from Melbourne University.

  • His professional experience spans over 40 years in the sewerage industry, and he has worked for Consultants, Government as well as the National sewerage utility company.

  • He has also contributed in advisory capacities for various sanitation and sewerage projects in various developing countries in Asia and Africa, and participated as a member of several Government technical committees and international forums.

  • He is now a consultant in the sanitation and sewerage sector, working in Malaysia, India and Africa with various international agencies including the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, AIT Bangkok, ADB and others.

  • He has also presented several papers at local and international forums.

  • His main areas of expertise include

    • Policy and strategy formulation

    • Catchment planning

    • Sewer network, sewage / sludge treatment facility planning and design

    • Sludge / septage management planning

    • Asset management

    • Capital works planning

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