Chattogram Water and Sanitation Authority (CWASA), Bangladesh MENTEE VISIT TO SUEZ INDIA, March 2020

Following the successful diagnostic visit of the mentor, SUEZ India,  to CWASA in Chattogram in December 2019, six (6) technical staff from CWASA visited SUEZ, India from 1-6 March 2020.


Photo 1: CWASA Team visiting its mentor, SUEZ India , to observe good practices in the area of customer service  and GIS/IoT. Photo taken at Suez India Office in Gurgaon,New Delhi.

The visit was an opportunity for the mentee to witness, first hand, the best practices of the mentor in key operational areas including NRW and DMA management, customer service, billing and collection, GIS/IoT, and Asset Management. It allowed for much needed peer-to-peer interaction between the mentee and experienced staff from SUEZ India and facilitated the exchange of knowledge and experience.


The visit was divided into two (2) phases: Phase 1 was conducted at SUEZ India’s offices in New Delhi where the mentors demonstrated their best practices in Customer Service, Customer Engagement and Public Relations, Meter Reading, Billing and Revenue Management including Commercial NRW Management, GIS/IoT, and Asset Management.   Resource persons from the SUEZ  India office delivered lectures as presented sample case studies to demonstrate success stories from their projects in New Delhi and elsewhere in India. The mentee also visited a customer service center and pump station to witness work in progress and pump operations.


Photo 2: CWASA Team group discussion on NRW and DMA establishment with Mr. Conrad Fernandez, the Project Manager of Suez India Kolkata project.

Phase 2 of the mentee visit was carried out at SUEZ India offices in Kolkata to demonstrate NRW management practices. The accompanying classroom sessions focused on NRW management and DMA establishment and management in particular.  The learning was based on the actual operations of the mentor’s NRW Management project in Kolkata and was an exercise in practical work.  The CWASA Team also interacted with a local women’s self-help group that is part of the community engagement efforts of SUEZ India in Kolkata. Staff from  CWASA were also able to see a demonstration on leak detection using helium technology which has proved successful given the intermittent nature of water supply in India. They understood that given similar conditions in Chattogram, helium technology may prove useful there as well.