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Completion of the Programmatic Climate Change  Adaptation (CCA) Training

The Climate Change Adaptation (CCA) Training for Pacific Island countries funded by the Asian Development Bank  was completed at the end of November 2017. The third and final phase of the training program was held in Sydney, Australia from 23-26 October 2017 and was attended by representatives from the three participating utilities: Fiji Water Authority (WAF), Samoa Water Authority (SWA), and Water PNG. The training program resulted in strengthening the capacities of the three utilities in dealing with a changing climate through the development of a Climate Risk Register and a Vulnerability Assessment Report based on the Australian water industry National Climate Change Adaptation Guidelines and WaterLinks’ Toolkit for the assessment and management of climate change risks. Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) and Climate Risk also introduced the Adaptwater tool which is an on-line tool that quantifies the costs and risks of adaptation options identified in the Risk Register. A sample business case was made using data from SWA to demonstrate the use of Adaptwater. 

The CCA training also provided the participants the opportunity to visit offices and organisations involved in climate change adaptation program development and implementation in  Australia such as: the University of Technology Sydney-Data Arena that has developed technology for the inspection of pipes to determine strength of an aging pipe as an aid to NRW management; and the SWC-Water Monitoring Services Laboratory which showcases the latest technologies in identifying potential threats to water quality such as algal bloom, bacteria, parasites, etc.

Earlier,  SWC and  Climate Risk  on behalf of the participating utilities , successfully accessed  funds from Australia’s  Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade for the further refinement of the CSIRO data that would enable a quantification of climate risks as identified by WAF and SWA.

While the CCA training was already completed, plans for the further deepening of the use of Adaptwater tool is being pursued by WaterLinks  and Climate Risk  including the promotion of the programmatic  CCA training in other priority countries in the Pacific as well as the development of a community of practice (CoP) among Pacific water utilities to promote the integration of CCA policies and programs into existing day-to-day activities of water utilities in the Pacific.  

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