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Participants at Sydney Water Corporation (SWC)  together with SWC’s Managing Director Kevin Young, SWC Science Customer Strategy and Regulation Manager, Dr. Nicola Nelson, WaterLinks Chairman Arjun Thapan, and Executive Director Mai Flor

WaterLinks, together with Sydney Water Corporation (SWC) conducted the first of a series of training on climate change adaptation for three Pacific water utilities namely: Water Authority Fiji, Samoa Water Authority and Water PNG. Funded by the Asian Development Bank (ADB), a total of eight (8) participants attended the week-long training along with two ADB consultants. Two other training sessions are scheduled in 2017.


The general objective of the training program is to build climate resilient water utilities in the Pacific. At the end of the 10-month programmatic training program, participating utilities will have developed their respective Vulnerability Assessment Reports (VAR), a Corporate Risk Register, and identified potential priority projects based on the adaptation options identified in the VAR.

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