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30 Water Engineers from India Participate in WaterLinks’ Introductory Training on NRW and Wastewater Management

A total of 30 participants from Tamil Nadu, India, participated in a four-day introductory training program on Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and Wastewater Treatment on 16 – 29 April 2018 organized by WaterLinks. Maynilad Water Services, Inc. provided the principal faculty for the NRW management component of the program. The training program is a first of several such training activities that will be undertaken as part of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between WaterLinks and the Tamil Nadu Water Investment Company Ltd. (TWIC) of India to help build the capacity of engineers and officials from various cities and municipalities from the state of Tamil Nadu in NRW management and wastewater treatment.


The training program was a combination of technical lectures focusing on non-revenue water management and wastewater treatment technologies supplemented by product demonstrations on leak detection, meter reading, billing and site visits to relevant areas of Maynilad and Manila Water. A pre-test was provided to determine the level of knowledge of participants on NRW management followed by a post-test at the end of the training program to serve as the basis for the issuance of a certificate of completion to participants.


The group visited several sites including the NRW training facility of Maynilad, its headquarters which houses the SCADA and Netbase NRW data management system, a district-metered area (DMA) installation, and a wastewater facility in Tatalon, Manila. As well, the group visited the award-winning wastewater treatment plant of Manila Water Company in Olandes, Marikina, and its pro-poor program, “Tubig Para sa Barangay” at the Industrial Valley Community.


These site visits provided the participants' first-hand experience in the use of the different leak detection equipment; appreciation of the various technologies used in NRW management and wastewater treatment, interaction with engineers from both Maynilad and Manila Water, including interaction with the local community where a pro-poor water program is being implemented.

The group also met with staff from the Asian Development Bank’s South Asia Department where a brief presentation on ADB projects in India was presented and discussed.

Group Photo at Maynilad compound in Arroceros Manila

Group photo at Maynilad Office lobby in Katipunan venue, Diliman, Quezon City​

Group photo during the visit to the Tubig Para sa Barangay of Manila Water Inc at Industrial Valley community in Marikina City​

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