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2nd  Mentor Visit to Phnom Penh , Cambodia

The second mentor visit for the water operator partnership (WOP) between Yarra Valley Water (YVW) of Australia  as mentor and Phnom Penh Water Supply Authority (PPWSA) as co-mentor with Battambang Waterworks as mentee was conducted from 02-06 October  2017 at PPWSA.

Based on the agreed joint work plan, Battambang Waterworks will be assisted by mentors in: 1) establishment of an Asset Register as a first step towards developing an asset management program; and 2) development of a meter management policy/strategy.

Initial activities involved the inventory and tagging of pipes and customer meters in Zone 3 of Battambang Waterworks to capture data on the specific asset being identified including its condition. The second visit reviewed initial outputs, and proposed improvements including the provision of training on the use of Excel to effectively manage the data collected from the pipe and meter inventory.  Furthermore, the eight staff from Battambang who participated in the visit and training were also provided the opportunity to visit the meter test bench and water treatment plant within the PPWSA compound to see the SCADA set up and the GIS of PPWSA. The exposure visit aimed to provide the participants a first hand experience of how PPWSA operates as a model utility.

Photo shows the group, together with Andrew Nyholm and Lisa Brown of YVW, Yoly Gomez of WaterLinks,  Reoun Nary of PPWSA, and the staff from Battambang Waterworks,

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