Philippines Water Association Adopts National Water Operator Partnerships Program

12 Mar 2010

At a meeting in Davao, Philippines, USAID/RDMA, together with USAID/Philippines and the Asian Development Bank (ADB), agreed to support the Philippines Association of Water Districts (PAWD) in establishing a national Water Operators Partnerships (WOPs) program. While the program will predominantly focus on promoting and facilitating twinning partnerships in the Philippines, PAWD also plans to develop training and knowledge management initiatives similar to the WaterLinks regional capacity building activities.  As a next step, PAWD will organize a strategic planning meeting for about 30 PAWD officers in Bacolod City on April 19-20.  At the meeting in Davao, ADB committed to support international and national WOPs with PAWD members. USAID/Philippines plans to support WOPs and training on governance matters.